Frequently Asked Questions

What time does the cruise leave? / Schedule

Boarding: 21:45 – 22:55

Departure: 23:00

Don’t be late! We will leave without you if you miss the departure time.

Return: 03:30

Party ends: 04:00

Are you allowed to hop-on/hop-off the boat? Will there be any stops?

No, there will be no stops once we are sailing

Is there food available during the event?

We are currently working with vendors and will have this information updated shortly

Payments: Do you accept credit cards? What forms of payments can we use?

You may use VISA/Mastercard credit cards for payments. You may also use CASH or PIN. Use your payment method of choice to purchase tokens. These tokens are used in exchange for food and drink on board the boat.

How much do drinks cost? How much does food cost?

Beer and wine cost 1,5 – 2,5 tokens depending on your choice. Cocktails vary in price. Each token represents €3,80 (prices are subject to change)

Will there be a coat check, lockers and a place for us to change our clothes?

    • Coat check: YES, coat check is available and costs €2
    • Lockers: We do not have lockers available

Will there be security at the event?

Yes, we have security personnel who are also medically trained and certified. If you have any problems during the event, please go to one of our qualified security personnel.

Be aware that when entering the event, each individual will be searched for weapons other dangerous items, food/beverages and drugs.

Are we allowed to bring our own drinks and food to the event?

No, you are not allowed to bring your own food or drinks into the venue. Please make sure you have finished any drinks or snacks before entering the boat. This means you will not be able to enter the ship with these consumable items. There is a good chance we will be selling food on board. Come back soon for an update on this information.

Is there a dress-code?

Yes, our dress-code is fancy/chic. Dress to impress

VIP and table reservations

VIP Tickets are a fantastic and unique way to experience New Years Eve with a group, in absolute luxury. Contact one of our VIP hostesses to enquire on price and information. We’ve upgraded our services since last year.

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Will there be tickets at the door?

NO, this event will sell out.

Can you sleep overnight on the boat?

NO, the event ends at 04:00. At this time all guests must depart the ship

Have other questions? Then feel free to contact us below: