DJ Jose

Energetic, talented and still able to reinvent himself every time: Jos is an absolute leader in Dance Music!

DJ Jose uses a modern mix of different styles. He knows how to create recognisability, making his music accessible without becoming commercial: he’s just turning that different mix, combining the recognizable with something new.
The experience that Jose brings makes it easier for him to read his audience. At the end of the 1990s, the focus was on pace, Jose now knows the depths that the current audience seeks through more sensitive tones, nicer vocals and energetic tracks. Jose wants to bring the audience into a story in which he engages them by communicating from the DJ booth and still listening critically to his own work each time.

The hits that he produced in succession, alone or in collaboration with others, brought him global status. Jose has become a familiar face in the Dutch and international club scene, and he is often asked for big events.

JOSE, Jos Klaster, was born on March 24, 1966 in Meppel. From a young age he finds his passion in music. As a teenager, he discovers the power of the mix through “Relax” from Frankie Goes To Hollywood and “High Energy” by Evelyn Thomas. He starts spinning at school parties in Steenwijk under his own name.

His talent is actually discovered quite quickly and he receives a residence at Bar Dancing “Chez Jean” (Steenwijk) at a young age, after which several clubs follow. In the region Jos is already a phenomenon and he runs in clubs like “Locomotion” (Steenwijk) and “Lord Nelson” (Meppel). Jos also presents various radio programs at the Local Broadcasting Steenwijk (SLOS).

When he was 24, Jos transforms into “Musichall X-Ray” in Zwolle and is instructed by the manager for a mix of Dance Update, organized by Alex van Oostrom. Because Jos Klaster is not such a spectacular name, he is renamed DJ JOSE and under that name Jos becomes a big known in the club circuit. He runs in almost all Dutch clubs and discotheques and works with drive-in shows, which increases his reputation.

In 1996, Jos de A & R and product manager of record company Ala Bianca BLX and Media Records BLX. As DJ Jose is getting more and more, he will continue as a full-time DJ since 2001.

Also internationally Jose is a highly sought after DJ. He has turned in Turkey, Albania, Greece and Israel and is still running regularly, Norway, Poland, Russia and the Netherlands Antilles. Events like Mysteryland, Dance Valley, Free Festival and Trance Energy are no stranger to him and he is resident DJ at Exceptionnel, Filemon in Utrecht, Ibiza Catamaran Parties, AMS2IBZ and BLUSHHH resident since 2013.

Amsterdam Cruise Festival 2017
August 5, 2017 @ Amsterdam, NL

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