Amsterdam NYE Cruise Festival 2018

Amsterdam NYE Cruise Festival 2018 is a massive 550 passenger boat party taking place during New Years Eve 2018. The main organizers, Amsterdam Boat Parties (ABP), and Intrepid Amsterdam, will host the event on the recently upgraded party cruise company ship “Supperclub Cruise”. Guests have access to multiple levels to dance, party, drink and view the amazing firework events during the evening. Vip tables are also available for guests who want an even more special experience for them and their friends.

Boat #2 was commissioned after all the tickets to the Suppercruise boat sold out. Ticket holders of Boat #2 will be hosted on another boat named Boot1 (this is the name of the actual ship, not to be confused with our boat assignment number), with a capacity of 240.

The music style is different then the Suppercruise (Boat#1), focusing more on uplifting deep/tech house, and driving techno, more of the Dutch modern electronic style. The theme is also different focusing more on tropical, colorful and pleasure.

Note: If you are a ticket holder for Boat #2 please make sure to know your departure time is more strict and leaves 30 minutes before than Boat #1.

This second party is sure to blast us into the New Year in the best way possible with unlimited beer and wine included in the ticket, an open air deck to view the firework show at midnight, what a special night this will be indeed!

Boat #1: “Supperclub Cruise”

Arrival at Harbour: 22:00

Boarding begins: 22:30

Boarding ends: 23:30

Sailing: 23:30 – 4:00

Return to Harbour: 4:00

Boat #2: “Boot 1″

Arrival at Harbour: 22:15

Boarding begins: 22:20

Boarding ends: 23:00 (Don’t be late as the boat will leave at this time)

Sailing: 23:00 – 5:00

Return to Harbour: 5:00

1st ticket release: €27,50 (SOLD OUT)

2nd ticket release: €35,00 (SOLD OUT)

3rd ticket release: €48,50 (SOLD OUT)



Want to take your New Years to the next level? Make sure to purchase a VIP table reservation while supplies last!

VIP reservations can be made for up to 20 persons. Included in the package is your group’s private table reservation, bottle service with your choice of spirit/alcohol, entrance to Amsterdam NYE Cruise Festival 2018 and VIP access, skipping the main entrance line.